Biomass Briquetting

Biomass Briquetting is a procedure of achieve a eco-friendly kind of fuel from bio-mass such as collect residues like stalks, husks, dusts, leaves, hay or straw, coir, etc or forest wastages like leaves, stalks, branches, wood, barks etc. This process engages processing the raw-material under high pressure and temperature with our briquetting plants. This reasons the decrease of the material density.

This occurs because the material when subjected to enough pressure because discharge of full lignin to bind the material and thus reduce of the material. As the density of the material reduces the thermal calorific value raises, leading to structure of very capable and useful fuel known as Briquettes. The process also causes the disappearance or drying of excess moisture, thus the combustion of the fuel is much more rapid, even and effectual as compared to the raw-material.


Briquetting Press Machine

Briquettes Press, is also called as biomass briquette machine, which is used to makes various types of briquettes. Raw materials like waste biomass like saw dust, weeds, rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut seedling, bean stalk, etc. Briquetting Press Machine is uses bio-waste such as straws, leaves, husks and shells to generate biomass briquettes by making use of a technology known as binder-less technology. In binder less technology raw material converted into liquid due to heat and pressure. The machine which is used to recover Biomass waste into High Calorific Fuel Briquettes is known as Briquette Press Machine. For briquetting, uses agricultural and Forest Waste with a maximum wetness content of 8-12 %. Briquette are Extruded constantly and cut to required length with the help of Cutter. Briquetting press is used to produce high bulk of bio-mass briquettes from agro waste, forestry waste and crop residue.

What is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting Plant is innovation to change over a wide range of farming, ranger service and mechanical waste into strong fuel. Briquettes are shaped in barrel shaped logs utilizing high mechanical weight without the utilization of synthetic or folio.

As we are in the quick expanding world, the Briquettes Plant are utilized to warm industrialized boilers with a specific end goal to create power from steam. The briquette are set up from the green waste and other natural materials which are furthermore utilized for power era, warmth and cooking fuel. Materials, for example, rice husk saw tidy, biogases, groundnut shells, other agrarian waste or woods waste are utilized for manufacturing compacted briquettes.

Briquetting pressure requirement

Briquetting of natural materials requires altogether higher weights as extra constrain is expected to defeat the normal springiness of these materials. Basically, this includes the decimation of the phone dividers through some blend of weight and warmth. The requirement for higher weights implies that the briquetting of natural materials is innately more expensive than for inorganic energizes.


Eco-friendly Agro Waste Management Process

In today’s world, many countries create huge amounts of agro waste. To store, transport and handling of these agro waste is very big problem. Mostly these agro wastes are used as fuel but in very inefficient way that cause pollution in environment.


The management of agro waste is containing recycling and composting of agro waste. Nowadays, Briquetting is very popular agro waste management process in many developing countries in world. It is very eco-friendly manner used to handle agro waste material. It transforms agro waste into useful bio fuel or bio coal. Briquetting machine is equipment that works on the principle of briquetting technology.