Briquetting Machine Makers

Briquetting Machine MakersBiomass Briquetting is a new tendency that support worthwhile human development and save the environment through the making cost-effective and green fuel solution from agro and forestry wastes. Briquetting machine is equipment that used to produce biomass briquettes. Manufacturing briquetting machine is counted among new and profitable business in today’s market.  Jay khodiyar machine tools as one of the India based briquetting machine makers offers technology and set up services for biomass briquettes, environmental protection and income making all over the world.


Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Machine is an equipment which convert all types of agro and forestry waste into solid fuel. It works based on briquetting technology. This biomass briquetting machine produces various types of briquettes that available in cylindrical or square shapes. Manufactured product is totally eco-friendly and pollution free which make our environments greener.